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As young boys, Christopher and Taylor Malpass soaked up the music of
their granddad’s phonograph records. Christopher earned his first talent
show trophy at age 7, and Taylor was playing mandolin by the time he
was 10. Today, they promote the work and music of classic country
artists they treasure while creating new music and making their own mark
in the lineage of a rich American cultural heritage.

With sincerity, honesty and an utter ease on stage that belies their
years, their smooth vocal blend and skillful musicianship layer
infectiously into the deep respect they pay to legends who have paved
the way. Add the funny, off-the-cuff quips between the two 20-something
siblings, and the engaging concert becomes a magnetic time-traveling
journey to when a calmer rhythm reigned supreme.

The Malpass Brothers toured with the late Don Helms, former steel
guitarist for Hank Williams, have opened for music legend Merle Haggard
on multiple tours and appeared on stages from the Shetland Islands to
Ryman Auditorium to Merlefest. Gifted musicians and songwriters, the
brothers have shared billing with artists including Ray Price, Willie
Nelson, Doyle Lawson, Rhonda Vincent, Marty Stuart, Doc Watson and more.
The title cut video from their “Memory That Bad” album hit CMT Pure
Country’s Top Ten. Their most recent self-titled recording, produced by
bluegrass legend Doyle Lawson, was released by Crossroads’ Organic
Records in 2015.

If you like cornbread & hush puppies, you’re gonna love the
Malpass Brothers.  If you like sweet tea, barbecue & collards,
you’re gonna love the Malpass Brothers.  If you like clean fresh air
over a freshly-plowed field, if you like a great big ol’ corn puddin’ at
a homecoming covered dish, you’re gonna love the Malpass Brothers.
 That’s a promise.  (And you don’t lie about a covered dish supper.)

This is the real deal, folks. There is no pretense. This is music
steeped in the legacy of the Louvin Brothers, Johnny Cash, Marty
Robbins, Hank Williams, Sr. & others.  Count on classic, real
country. Count on new Malpass tunes. Count on a couple of old-time
traditional gospels. Count on their probably coming down into the house
at intermission and asking what you’d like to hear.  Count on giggles
and ribbing between brothers, along with daddy on the bass, who’s bound
to be thinking, “What the hell are they doing now?” Count on some big,
high man hair, and maybe an Elvis twitch or two. Count on lines at the
CD table … and count on logging on to see where they’ll be next.