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“With a voice like Dave Adkins, you just
can’t stay out of the game for long. In the roots/bluegrass/Americana
world, there are some of the most pure vocalists I’ve ever heard, and
for me, Dave is in the top of that group.”

Americana Rhythm Music Magazine

“Dave Adkins has a voice that can
penetrate to the heart and soul of a song, and make the experience a
life lesson for the listener.”

California Bluegrass Association

“I am truly proud for Dave, and his new
venture. I appreciate his singing, along with his songwriting. He has a
heart that’s bigger than his voice. This is good music that will prove
its place, and he will continue to be a positive force in this world of
Bluegrass.” – Marty Raybon

“With a rhythmically rolling banjo
undercurrent, waves of fiddle and guitar raising the listener to
emotional crests, Dave Adkins’ voice offers something real, something
trustworthy and something thrilling to hold on to. It’s an exciting
ride—this self-titled new album from Dave Adkins. Buy an extra copy;
Adkins possesses the impressive kind of voice—full of personality and
dimension, and instantly relatable—that you just want to share.”

Greg Victor,

“A great soulful singer and a man big
enough to be a bouncer…….now that’s Bluegrass with authority!
Congratulations to a good man I met at the Festival of the Bluegrass
last year.”

Ron Simmons, President, Northern Kentucky Bluegrass Music Association