New Location for 2022
The Fountains

Uncle Dave Macon Days is a roots rendezvous which honors traditional American music and the career of the first superstar of the Grand Ole Opry and Country Music Hall of Famer, Uncle Dave Macon. This year marks the 43rd Anniversary of the Uncle Dave Macon Days festival starting with small beginnings which attracted only a few old-time music enthusiasts on the lawn of the Courthouse in 1978. The festival is the best in authentic old-time music spreading the love of roots music in a unique way.

For over four decades, Uncle Dave Macon Days has shared roots-Americana music with those music lovers on a quest to discover its beginnings from local fans to visitors from around the world. With a zeal to maintain the musical culture, the Uncle Dave Macon Days organizers have seen first-hand these experiences mirrored at the festival. The early music performed on the front- porches, parlors, and barn raisin’s of the 19th century and early 20th are all honored and celebrated.